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Rolling Hills - Monthly Garden Task List - Rolling Hills Nursery & Garden Center


  • Begin trimming process on everything that needs it except any cone producing  plants such as pines, spruce, etc.

  • When in doubt to cut or prune; just remember that it is very difficult to kill a plant from trimming it.  You may affect flowering but unlikely will you affect the life of the plant.

  • Tree trimming can be done at this time of the year or anytime between when leaves fall and when they begin to leaf out for the Spring.  The same holds for the shrubs.


  • Apply ammonia nitrate to grass at suggested rate.

  • Plant any plant such as trees, shrubs or bulbs now.


  • Apply ammonia nitrate to grass at 3 lbs./1000 sq. ft.

  • Spray dormant oil on evergreens.

  • Discontinue irrigation for entire landscape.


  • Over seed lawn with Falcon Fescue at 4 lbs. Per 1000 sq. ft. if needed.

  • After grass is up and growing, apply 3 lbs. of Ammonia Nitrate per 1000 sq. ft. over entire lawn areas.


  • Apply final amount of a complete fertilizer on shrubs.

  • Continue to apply irrigation as needed.

  • Watch for lawn diseases.  Use the Cooperative Extension Service for accurate pest ID if needed.
  • Mite spraying with Kelthane continues.


  • pray for beetles, mites and aphids.

  • Irrigate as needed on lawn and shrubs; watch for lawn diseases.

  • Maintain height of lawn grass of 3 inches.

  • Scout for Black Spot on roses.


  • Begin scouting for insects or diseases such as aphids on spirea, crape myrtle, roses, etc.

  • Spray for black spot disease on roses.

  • Enjoy the garden.  It is spring.

  • Mow the fescue lawn at a height of 2 ½  to 3 inches.


  • Fertilize everything with a complete fertilizer as 12-6-6 slow release.

  • Spray dormant oil on spruce, pines, cypress and junipers for mite control.

  • Prune any deciduous plants that may need it.  Pruning this time of year reduces the time before leaf out so that the plant does not look manicured.

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